Easy Security Camera Installation Tips for Business Establishment Owners

security camera installation tips

It makes perfect sense to consider having a security camera installed in your business establishment. These cameras provide strong security for your enterprise, thanks to modern technologies that enhance the effectiveness of CCTV camera use. But some business owners are wary of using CCTV cameras because they think they’re too costly or too hard to install.

CCTV surveillance camera installation need not be a hassle for you! Here are five security camera installation tips to help you get started on securing your business establishment ASAP.


Plan which areas you need to survey.

Security cameras must be installed in strategic places that will ensure full coverage of the areas you intend to monitor.

Check your entire establishment and select important spots that need to be monitored by your security cameras. This may seem obvious, but knowing which areas need to be surveyed frequently will help you plan the ideal areas to put your CCTV cameras.

Surveillance cameras need not be always at the corners of the buildings alone. Doing so could create blind spots, limiting your cameras’ capability and views.

hidden entry points security camera installation tips


Install surveillance cameras on possible hidden entry points.

Burglars often look for a hidden entry point such windows in the basement, backdoors, and back windows so that they can enter a victim’s establishment silently. Protect your business space by placing CCTV cameras in such places.


Provide sufficient lighting for a clearer camera view.

It’s best to have ample lighting installed on the areas being caught on the CCTV camera. Adequate lighting will help your security cameras pick up important details clearly. For instance, your cameras will likely pick up the facial details or clothes of a burglar better if you have sufficient lighting, as opposed to a poorly-lit area.

Not too keen on adding additional lighting for a certain area? Your best bet is a CCTV camera with high quality night vision capability.


Get a PTZ camera and a fixed wide-angle dome camera to work together automatically.

profesional -installers security camera installation tips


PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras are widely regarded as the gold standard for surveillance. These cameras can move up, down, left, right, and can also zoom in or o


ut, allowing for discreet yet effective monitoring of suspicious individuals.

But using such cameras often requires someone manipulation of the cameras and watching over the video feeds.

To improve your security and ease things up for your security team, try installing PTZ cameras and fixed wide-angle dome cameras placed at strategic locations together. The wide-angle cameras allow you to view a larger area as compared to a PTZ camera.

Once that’s done, you can set up the software on both camera types to sync and work together automatically. If your wide-angle camera detects unusual activity on a pre-determined area quadrant, you can set the PTZ camera to automatically zoom-in on that area quadrant and record any activity caught for a preset amount of time. Doing so makes monitoring a lot easier, faster, and more efficient.

Consider professional installers for your camera surveillance system.

Place your business’s safety in good hands by hiring the services of a professional CCTV installer. These teams practically know security camera installation by heart.

Reputable installers can give you the best advice on setting up your surveillance cameras. They can also directly install the camera system, set up any connected software, and help you with maintenance for both the camera architecture and software systems.


In a Nutshell

There you have it, five easy security camera installation tips you can follow to help safely secure your business establishment.

Achieving a great surveillance video system setup simply needs proper planning and implementation. With the right tools, strategic locations, software integration, and a little help from the CCTV installation experts, your business will be secured in no time.

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