Tips on How to Make Your Home Burglar Proof

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Millions of home burglaries happen every year. However, you can do something to protect yourself. Just like how the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Here are some tips on how to secure your home and decrease the chances of being a burglary victim.

Strengthen the front door

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The front door is always the primary target of intruders. Your front door will definitely catch a thief’s eye if it appears weak and vulnerable. Strengthen it by installing a deadlock and cylinder lock. If your door still looks flimsy, remove it and get a stronger one made of hardwood. The problem with this technique is that most burglars have already developed new tactics. You still need to perform other preventive measures.

Check that your home has proper lighting in all areas

Most burglaries occur at night. Poorly lit houses are the most vulnerable. Install motion-activated floodlights that can brighten up all areas of your home. Burglars will think twice about robbing a person’s house when they know that there’s a chance that they’ll be discovered.

Get a dog

Home security dogs are awesome sentinels. The Pit-bull, German Shepherd, and Rottweiler can sense intruders and attack them. Their fierce bark alone can ward off intruders and can alarm you of any unusual activity. Just take note that you need to exert extra effort to train them and provide their needs.

Plant thorny shrubs

This type of plants effectively prevents intruders from entering your property. Make sure that they’re properly maintained at a low height, so that burglars can’t hide in your plants or use them to climb up into your home. It will also allow neighbors to see any suspicious activity if you’re not around.

Install home security systems

Security alarms and surveillance cameras installed by professionals are now rising in popularity. This is the safest and most secure method for protecting your home and family. Paying monthly fees may seem a bit expensive, but the additional security it provides for your lives and possessions is well worth it.

Making your home burglar-proof needs extra effort

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Taking extra measures for security may be a bit taxing. However, the thought of being able to sleep soundly at night, knowing that you, your family, and possessions are safe is priceless. Consult a home security expert if you need assistance to do so.

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  1. Motion-activated floodlights are a good idea. Burglars that are trying to sneak inside your house think that they’ve discovered on what they do.

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