4 Steps to Keep Termites at Bay

Termite free house

Termites may be small, but they cause a lot of trouble. These bugs can ruin your books, documents, furniture sets, and even your house. Apart from the damage, the needed repairs and pest solutions can take a toll on your finances. If you don’t want to deal with these problems, maintaining a termite free house should be one of your priorities. Below are the four things you have to do to keep these pests at bay.


Before you go cursing at the little home-wreckers, you have to understand why they do what they do. Termites are not entirely evil. Outdoors, they help in the speedy decomposition of dead plant matter, by munching on the plants’ cellulose.

Cellulose is a plant fiber present in all living plants, and many products made from them. Termites are not actually aiming for you and your home. They’re mainly after the cellulose in your paper documents, wooden items, and wooden parts of your home. Additionally, they create holes in these materials to serve as their home.


One of the most effective ways of preventing termite infestation is opting for non-cellulose materials whenever possible. For example, use metal, or plastic-made drawers, instead of wooden ones. Termites are not likely to damage metals and plastics.

It’s also important to note that the bugs love moist areas. Therefore, you should make sure there are no such areas inside and around your house. To do this, improve ventilation in all the rooms in your home. Fix any damage to your roof, gutters, drainage, and pipes as well.

Sealing any cracks in your house is another way of preventing termite infestation. Without these cracks, they won’t be able to enter and move around your house easily.


Early detection helps reduce the impact of termites in your life. The easiest thing you can do is to look for mounds of soil in your garden, and tubes of mud inside your home. These are two common signs of termite infestation.

However, some termite species are sneakier than others. They burrow in wood instead. To find out if they have ruined your walls or furniture, try knocking on the wood. If it isn’t as hard as before, the bugs might have infested the insides of the material.


If you detect termite infestation in your home, applying boric acid to affected materials is one way of dealing with their damage. There are pesticides you can use against them and their homes as well. However, in the case of massive infestation, it might be best to seek professional help to handle the problem.

Maintaining a termite free house requires many tasks. But considering the stress of dealing with heavy infestation, it’s better to take precautionary measures. You might want to hire pest control specialists to inspect your home on a regular basis, to further minimize the risk of having those bugs in your premises.


  1. I got my library eaten away by these pesky termites! Make sure you check every nook and cranny of your house every once in a while.

  2. So stressful having these termites in your house. Where can I look for a reliable pest control specialist that will sure minimize these pests in my home?

  3. When you are looking for a new house, check first if the house has infested by termites. You can indicate them when you see a pile of soil anywhere on your house especially outside.

  4. Termites really can result in giving an extensive damage to our property especially the house. Need a professional to look for a house who have not still infested by termites.

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